A friend pointed this blog post out to me late today and I thought it was worth mentioning. It seems to fit well with my post on Facebook a few days ago; actually go hand in hand in a way.

I’ve pasted my original Facebook post below the quote.

5 Reasons Why the Church Failed Yesterday

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Thanks Chick-fil-A!

I grew up with a rather large extended family steeped in the Southern Baptist tradition and I was part of it for the longest time. Honestly proud of it as well, until as a young teen I realized that I didn’t fit in with that tradition. That I wouldn’t be welcome because I was gay.

Needless to say I left the church, but I never left the faith. I may not practice it the way I was brought up, but it’s never left my heart in thirty some years since.

My partner and I have been together for 32 years this coming September never pushing our relationship in anyone’s face but certainly not afraid to show who and what we were. And although we’ve never been really close to my extended family I’d always thought that we were accepted and welcome at family gatherings and in their homes.

I understood, or thought, that although they may not agree with my ‘lifestyle’ they would still accept me for the family that I am and accept my partner.

But boy there’s nothing like a little Chick-fil-A controversy to let you know where you stand. I don’t know if I’m naive or just plain stupid.

Recently some of my extended family has been so proudly shouting their support for a company that spends millions of dollars to deny me the basic human rights that they enjoy. Denying me the same legal rights and protection that they take for granted.

It hurts, it hurts a lot.

I’ve never asked to be married in your church and honestly I don’t want to be. I respect your right to your religious beliefs and would never ask you to change them.

But I’d always thought that you could see the difference between legal rights and religious beliefs. And for some strange reason I thought that you as my family could see the love and dedication that Rob and I have shared for nearly 32 years. Longer then some of you could stay married to your first wives.

That somehow you could at least respect that even though you may not agree with it. But obviously I was wrong.

Thank you for insulting me and my relationship, belittling the 32 years that Rob and I have shared and the many more that we hope to share in the future. Thank you for supporting a company that works to deny me everything that you take for granted simply because it doesn’t fit in to your narrow view of the world.

And most importantly thanks for letting me know how truly loving and accepting my extended family really is.